Alexander Nemtsov was born in Moscow in 1933.  He graduated from Moscow Medical University in 1957 and finished post-graduate in psychiatry in 1959. He worked as a doctor at psychiatric hospital in 1959-1961, whereupon began to work at Moscow Institute of Psychiatry of Academy of Medical Science. Since 1966 А.Nemtsov works at Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry.

A.Nemtsov defended a Ph.D. thesis in 1965, and upheld a Doctor’s degree of Medical Sciences in 1975.

Nemtsov was engaged in psycho-physiological research of an alcoholic craving in 1982, and in 1985 in connection with the beginning of anti-alcoholic campaign in Russia he switched to the researches of epidemiology of alcohol consumption and its consequences. He developed a method of an estimation of real alcohol consumption in Russia (1987) and a method of evaluation of actual alcohol-related human losses (1995). He is also working on topics like climatic factors of alcoholic psychosis and the trend of alcoholism.

A.Nemtsov has published more than 200 scientific works, including 6 monographs, one of which is in English, 25 English publications and more than 170 Russian. Books in Russian: Alcohol situation in Russia (1995), Alcohol mortality in Russia: 1980-90-es (2001), Alcohol loss of the Russian regions (2003) and the Alcohol history of Russia. The latest period (2009), and Book in English: A Contemporary History of Alcohol in Russia (2011).


In addition to an alcoholic problematic A.Nemtsov works in scientometric of the scientific publications on psychiatry.